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This Day of the Child page is designed for Boise Idaho (& surrounding areas) residents only. Please bookmark this page as a source for updated info specifically related to local events. We will expand this as needed. Thank you in advance for your caring hearts concerning hurting children.

Year of the Survivor - 2003 Simulcast for Abused Children

What is Day of the Child? On Monday, December 1, 2003 we are asking you to join us in a nationwide radio effort to help put a stop to child abuse. Please join us for this exciting day.


The Year 2000 North America Simulcast for Abused Children

IDAHO - Boise

I want to thank our AWESOME community for being involved!!!

On Wednesday I had an interview on the local NBC morning news show to let

the community know what the vigil is about. The radio

stations in our area participated by helping us promote the Vigil that would be

taking place that night (Dec 1st). At Boise State University

I passed out folders with information about local non-profit orgs that deal

with child abuse and information about the Health and Welfare for our state,

sold the Day of the Child T-shirts that were sponsored by local businesses,

and disbursed mint green ribbons. The vigil was Amazing! Local high school

students set up cardboard cut outs of children from local day cares on the

Capitol steps. Great Visual effect! The 1st Lady of Idaho spoke at the

Vigil as well as two experts in the field of Child Abuse; David Ernat-

director of Lutheran Social Services & Kim Batt-Lincoln- director of SANE

Solutions to Physical and Sexual Abuse. Jim Everett the CEO of the YMCA

spoke about the community aspect of this crime. I read the Teddy Bear poem

by Cindy Pike Dunning and then asked everyone to "raise their lights and

take a moment of silence for all victims and survivors as well as to the


STOPPED!" Then challenged everyone to bring 2 people with them next year.

This is the first of a multi year campaign, and it is going to get bigger and

bigger.At the Vigil we had a really good turn out for our area, for the 1st year.

We were on the news and a photographer from the Idaho Statesman was there

too. We sold more shirts and glowsticks, there were no candles allowed on

the Capitol grounds so we used this as an alternative.


I am so thrilled to be a part of this team. I know you all saw it too, it

was a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, tears, and tons of prayers! When

people were giving me their #s to get involved for next year and asking for

the poem and then the wonderful words from a Survivor thanking me this

morning, I would do it all over in a heartbeat! It was so fun and

challenging at the same time & the fulfillment in my heart is incredible.

How can you describe this feeling to anyone other than Absolutely Awesome!

Just knowing that you can help, educate, raise awareness and yet you don't

have to be an expert. Just have the passion and desire to help and make a

difference for our children. Also to show those higher, the law makers &

court system will see that we stand united and the laws have got to change

towards perpetrators. WE need to enforce stiffer penalties!

God Bless All Children!


Semone Schultz, Boise Idaho

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We in Boise will be doing our part. Please become involved and join us on this exciting day.

My name is Semone Schultz. I am the Day of the Child coordinator and your contact for the greater Boise area. This page is here to help you stay current on what is going on locally to help abused children.


We're asking residents to drive with their headlights on during this day to show awareness on Wed. Dec. 1st.

Tell a friend about this great cause. Tell them to sign the online WALL (click button at left).

High School Students - Show your spirit! - Sign The Wall (click button at left) and help a child. Email us to set up a brief meeting at your local school.


Scheduled Events

Morning Simulcast - Email your local radio stations and request that they join in the national simulcast of a one-minute audio PSA to help kick Day of the Child off in our area.

Flashlight & Glowstick Vigil on Capitol Steps

  1. Stay tuned - details to be announced for year 2000
  2. 1999 highlights
  3. On December 1st, at 6:30 PM on the Capitol steps there will be a Flashlight and Glowstick Vigil. The Guest Speakers for this event will be; Kim Batt-Lincoln director of SANE SOLUTIONS to Physical and Sexual Abuse, David Ernat director of Lutheran Social Services, and Jim Everett CEO of Boise YMCA. This is a great way for the whole community to get involved! Please bring your family, invite all your friends and show your support! Let's put an end to the tragedy of child abuse and help hurting children! Sorry, No Candles Allowed on Capitol property! Please bring your flashlights and Glowsticks and join the excitement!


    ©2003 Day of the Child