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The song "Dear Mr. Jesus" has touched many hurting and empathetic people over the last 10 years. It has become a child abuse anthem for many victims and survivors, offering a way to vent tears pent up from years of hurt and pain--providing a window towards healing. The words of this song tell a story of a young child's concern for another, after learning about their abuse on a TV newscast.

As shown in the music video (as seen on MTV & VH1), the child, performed by young artist Sharon Batts of PowerSource, decides to write a letter to get help for the abused victim and begins by writing "Dear Mr. President". Instinctively realizing that even a president cannot stop this problem, the child appeals to the highest authority with a heartrending plea, "Please don't let them hurt Your children".

Thanks to the support of thousands of radio stations worldwide and millions of radio listeners, "Dear Mr. Jesus" became:

"One of the most requested songs ever in the history of radio, receiving airplay on every format, creating an overwhelming national awareness of child abuse."

Connie Bradley, Director, ASCAP, April 11, 1988

Over 10 years later, this anthem still echoes the cries of millions of abused children who need and deserve help from their current or past abuse. Day of the Child salutes the many child abuse agencies, professionals and volunteers who have been there to help these victims survive. Our humble efforts continue as we "lift up" those who lift up these hurting children.


The writer/producer of "Dear Mr. Jesus" adds, "I could never have expected the kind of heartfelt outpouring that came from Dear Mr. Jesus. I have been encouraged many times over by the way I've seen others find hope and shelter in this song. I am forever inspired by those working in the trenches--those who rarely get appreciated for their heart and their helping hand."

Richard Klender, Writer/Producer

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