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Join with us... supporting a nationwide campaign to help recognize the millions of Survivors of child abuse. Survivors...You are NOT forgotten! This year our events will center around recognizing all you have gone through as a way to raise awareness and promote new healing for those still suffering years later. This will be accomplished by releasing a number of well-produced media resources designed to help raise awareness for those who have already suffered while simultaneously providing some new effective tools for healing.

What, Where, When, How and Why...

This year we are asking the web community and local communities throughout America to help us get the word out about Survivors. We have been working for quite some time on this new campaign which we are rolling out to our supporter nationwide. We have introduced a brand new anthem and musicvideo ("Survivor") to honor past victims of child abuse and a new music video designed to raise awareness for those who still suffer from past abuse. Throughout the year we plan to offer our web family a number of media pieces as tools to use in their local communities to promote a heightened awareness of child abuse.

Our past efforts have been recognized by the White House and we aim to provide positive ways to demonstrate the importance of our nation's most valuable asset - children. Thank you for your support in spreading hope to survivors of child abuse.


Any local community across America and also in nations around the world where past victims of child abuse continue to heal.


Throughout the year we will prepare and make available these media pieces. April is child abuse prevention month in America.


We have provided streaming video and audio for all of our web guests to raise awareness.


Because child abuse has been swept under the rug for years and years and many victims are still healing years and years later. Our goal is to heighten the awareness of the number of Survivors out there healing from child abuse. We want your voice to be heard and we continue to be a voice on your behalf to let others know to prevent child abuse. Those who have suffered can promote their own healing by talking about their abuse and simultaneously encourage others to love and care for their children in healthy ways. The millions of Survivors are speaking up and the world is listening.


Other Details...


There are NO costs or entry fees for taking part in this campaign. We have provided PDF files, web videos and music for use at your local radio and TV stations.

In addition, Fundraiser products will also be developed, released and distributed for supporters who wish to spread the word or raise money for their local child abuse agencies. We will provide the master artwork in PDF format (only) at no cost so that you will be able to print out flyers regarding our campaign as it grows. Click the Library button at the left to see PDF files and more.



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