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What children are saying...

We believe kids communicate ideas better than anyone. So we decided to give the kids a chance to speak out. If you are 12 or under please send us your thoughts about child abuse. We love to receive photos from school groups and other individuals who are working to stop child abuse. Please email us.

 Congratulations to our Coloring Contest 2001 Winner

Tiffany Wood (age 11), with Healthy Families Pasco (Dade City, FL) has been selected as the national winner for our recent coloring contest named "A new picture of hope...". We feel that her slogan "The Flag is Still Standing" really depicts the hope that our nation feels despite the recent tragedies of September 11th. Eventhough the World Trade Center towers fell, our flag and nation are still standing strong. Thank you Tiffany for reminding us that there is still much hope in these difficult times. We believe your picture (shown below) sends a positive message to all children and adults for hope for the future. Tiffany...we salute your heart!

 The Flag is still standing...

In addition to her prizes, a $100 donation has been made to President Bush's American Children's Fund for Afghans on Tiffany's behalf and the Health Families Pasco organization. Her original drawing will be mailed to President Bush along with the donation. Thank you for speaking up and supporting other hurting children who cannot help themselves.

Here's a photo of our grand prize winner Tiffany (11) with sister and honorable mention winner Tamber (9)

Thanks to the many children who spread hope this past season by your coloring sheets put up for display in your local malls, restaurants and businesses. The responses we have received let us know that many were touched by the voice of children.

Kids...This page is for you only.

Mail us your drawings, thoughts, photos and ideas. If we think it will help others understand more about child abuse we'll put it on our web page. (please let us know if you want us to show your name). Please email us for more info.

Email your thoughts to:


 Click here to hear "Dear Mr. Jesus" song (requires RealAudio Player)

Elementary Student, FL

More to come soon. Please mail us your letters and drawings.

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