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Event History


Dec. 1st 2002 Planning and launching new 2003 "Year of the Survivor" campaign.

2001 Coloring Contest WINNER! Children paint a new picture of hope for Americans after the recent attacks on our nation.

Our mascot "Bear" runs the 2001 New York Marathon

Click for DETAIL RESULTS of our Dec. 1, 2000 Event

Click for DETAIL RESULTS of our Dec. 1, 1999 Event

Brief Highlights from past years to fight child abuse:

1999 - On December 1, 1999 radio stations all around the U.S. as well as some foreign stations donated air time to run PSAs and tell others about Day of the Child. Thanks to all the supportive people of radio who were there for the hurting children. In addition, for the first time, we had a large group of national ambassadors, spread out across the country, who were busy meeting and speaking with people in their local towns and cities. In some cities our new "Operation Bear-Hug" was initiated sparking the idea for year 2000 national event. Special thanks to each of our ambassadors who have worked so hard to help the children.

 See "Milestones" for other event details

1998 - On December 1, 1998 we began a year long campaign to reach radio stations and other media outlets to let them know about the upcoming worldwide simulcast of "Dear Mr. Jesus" and other events on Dec. 1st 1999. In a well-sampled test market regional simulcasts were held to learn more about how to best work with stations nationwide over this upcoming year.

Los Angeles proclames December 1st an official Day

For example, as a part of this test market, stations in Lancaster/Palmdale, CA, which is often used for test marketing, blanketed the airwaves last Dec.1st in support of Day of the Child. An incredible outpouring of calls came into the participating stations offering support and even in some cases, abusers looking to get help to stop their heinous crimes. For example, in Lancaster, CA, five radio stations and 3 TV stations, including the number 1 and number 2 stations in the area took part in the test simulcast.

Special thanks to who helped get the ball rolling to benefit the Children's Center of Antelope Valley. This man is a talented air personality who truly cares about hurting children. He continues to be active in this field and we are very appreciative of him along with others from his staff. David spent the morning playing songs (country format) that related to the topic of child abuse and up-beat songs about children and fielded calls about the topic, directing people to the right places in town. KHJ and its "HOT TALK" affiliates also took part in morning interviews and citings from the local newspaper which was also quite effective in stirring up listeners over the cause.

TV stations in the Antelope area chimed in to help spread the awareness. We hope for an outpouring of the press again in 2000.

In October 1998, Betty Hampshire of TechTrac Video donated duplication of the "Dear Mr. Jesus" videos so that we could, in-turn, donate copies to TV stations for airing. We hope to be able to continue this practice up until the event. We are also pursuing other technologies which will allow us to provide copies of the digital video to TV stations worldwide via the internet.

On May 5th, 1998 the national radio program "Focus on the Family" aired a powerful program featuring a victorious survivor of intense child abuse, Benji Clark. The broadcast, entitled "Reaching Emotional Wholeness" concluded with a presentation of "Dear Mr. Jesus". click to play the song in RealAudio.

In March of 1998, Sara O'Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, officers of ChildHelp USA, offered their support for our Day of the Child campaign. They will be one of the many suggestedbeneficiaries of funds raised via Day of the Child in various locations. We supported ChildHelp USA ten years ago in our first national event. We appreciate the work they have done with their Hotlines and with their awesome facilities designed to help abused children.


It all started...

12 years ago Day of the Child began by promoting an international radio simulcast of the top-40 hit "Dear Mr. Jesus" to raise awareness of child abuse. The event was an overwhelming success reaching thousands, possibly millions. That's why we continue to repeat this event years later.

Actress Michele Lee of Knott's Landing speaks out to help abused children in Beverly Hills

Over a quarter of a million dollars was raised for various child abuse agencies. None of that money came to Day of the Child.

1988 - The "Bridges" newsletter was first published and distributed to all participating radio stations, TV stations and press.


Vision for the future:

"Year of the Survivor"
Here we are 18 years later embarking on an even bigger grass-roots event to help hurting children and recognizing adult SURVIVORS of abuse. Day of the Child is something inclusive. It is intended to focus people's attention on children and the issue of child abuse and survivorship. To remind us that all children are a rare and precious gift and that healing is available for all who seek it. Though nominally it has as one of its goals the elimination of child abuse there is a recognition that, like alcoholism, prostitution and murder, some evils will remain as long as there are human beings.

children shine!... vocalists Corey (6), and Sharlene (7) at a press gathering

The fact that an evil can't be eliminated doesn't mean that important strides can't be made. One of our primary goals is to break the cycle of abuse. We wish to be especially involved in helping those families where abuse has become a pattern throughout generations.

Our hope is to raise awareness and provide referrals to help all those who suffer the effects of abuse--the child who is currently a victim, the survivor who has yet to acknowledge the pain they live with on a day-to-day basis, the survivor who has begun the long painful journey to healing, the parent whose struggles are so overwhelming that abuse itself is not as absolutely unthinkable as it should be, and the other adults who for reasons beyond human understanding are potential perpetrators of the most damaging acts known to man.


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