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In Memory of...


Each year, child abuse takes the lives many innocent little ones. We have dedicated this page In Memory of those precious children who have lost their life to this tragedy. It tears apart families and wounds hearts beyond recognition. We do this solely so that others will become more aware of what the terrible sin of abuse can lead to as it escalates. If you or someone you know has ever even been inclined towards child abuse please get help and report it. There is help out there available for abusers as well as for victims and survivors. Please reach out today and help us all stop these terrible tragedies.


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Heather Alexandria (1992-1999)

Her name was/is Heather Alexandria White she was born Dec. 23.1992 and was

finally beaten and raped to death. The last "INCIDENT" occurred on Dec.

12.1999. After being maintained on life-support for 3 days the machines were

turned off on Dec. 15.1999. We buried her on Dec. 21, 1999 - days before her

7th birthday and 3 days before Christmas Eve 1999. She never saw her

generation's new century. None of the family even thought anything was wrong

until the day before the "incident" OCCURRED. Even then we did not suspect

rapes and beatings - just a very crude, dominating, overbearing boyfriend.

Our niece loved her daughter and would never allow her very own daughter to

come to harm-we thought. On Jan. 13.2000 my niece was indicted for 1st

degree murder with the death penalty. We love her but we hate her actions or


Thank you, Blenda Barnes (relative)


Colten Riley Pitsch (4-months old - 12/18/98 - April 28, 1999)

In loving memory of Colten...

The reason I am so interested in becoming part of your team is because April 27, 1999 my son Colten (4 months old) was at the babysitters with his sister Cheylynne. I had received a 911 page from the sitters house, when I called I was told my son had fallen on the kitchen floor and was not breathing on his own. He was flown to the hospital, when we arrived we were told he had a fractured skull, bleeding on his brain, brain damage and could not breath on his own. On April 28, 1999 at 4 a.m. Colten was pronounced dead. We later found out that the babysitter was holding him when she bent down to pick up her son and Colten fell out of her arms and landed on his head. Almost a year later the medical examiners report is finished and the cause of death was "blunt force trauma to the head" and was being ruled as a homicide. The babysitter was arrested on March 24, 2000 and is being charged with "second degree murder" and "child abuse". I want to do something to help other children that are being abused or have been abused and for the parents that have lost a child due to abuse from another person. This tragedy as well as Colten have taught me a great deal and my eyes are no longer closed, and I want to use what I have learned to let these children know that someone out there loves them. Thank you for taking the time to listen and for welcoming me to the team ...:)

Lindsey Pitsch, mother






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