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NMPL - Loan stores in New Orleans Louisiana

Dear Mr. Jesus, I just had to write to you

Something really scared me, when I saw it on the news

A story 'bout a little girl beaten black and blue

Jesus, thought I'd take this right to you


Dear Mr. Jesus, I don't understand

Why they took her mom and dad away

I know that they don't mean to hit with wild and angry hands

Tell them just how big they are I pray


Please don't let them hurt your children

We need love and shelter from the storm

Please don't let them hurt your children

Won't you keep us safe and warm


Dear Mr. Jesus, they say that she may die

Oh I hope the doctors stop the pain

I know that you could save her and take her up to the sky

So she would never have to hurt again


Please don't let them hurt your children..


Dear Mr. Jesus, please tell me what to do

And please don't tell my daddy

But my mommy hits me, too.

Please don't let them hurt your children...


words and music by Richard Klender
© 1985 Klenco, Inc. (Klenco Music Group), ASCAP
used by permission/all rights reserved/ international copyright secured


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