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Day of the Child would be impossible without the support of the many thousands of radio stations and other media outlets across our globe. We thank them for their caring hearts concerning hurting children.

Find & email the stations in your local area and also email the publications of your choice for their support of this event. We've provided the tools for this "grass-roots" campaign through our helpful supporter Gebbie Press, Inc. This can happen if YOU do your part.

Click to email or contact your local RADIO Station(s) ( radio-site)

Click to email or contact your local TV Station(s) ( media-site)

Click to email or contact Newspapers & Magazines ( media-site)

Below is some helpful text you may copy/paste, into your email, along with your own words about what Day of the Child means to you.

As a listener of your station, I would like to request that you support the worldwide "Day of the Child" radio event on Monday, December 1, 2003 to help raise the awareness of child abuse prevention and recognize adult survivors. Please join other stations in the international simulcast by playing the new anthem "Survivor" and a one minute PSA message at 10:15am (eastern standard time in the U.S.) and also again at 8:15am in each time zone. Radio stations may request copies of this new anthem which will be released in April 2003 by emailing this request from your station to . The PSA message is currently available for download at our online Sound Library <>. In addition, if you would like to hold any other promotions, throughout this day, to help your favorite local child abuse charity, we would be even more appreciative to your station. For more details see



If no email address is available for your local media, please call them to request it, and then email us so we can let everyone know.
Together we can make this happen. Thanks.

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