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2003 event - Dec. 1st

2002 has been spent planning and producing our big 2003 "Year of the SURVIVOR" campaign. Click the link above for more information on this year's event. We have been shooting video and recording a new child abuse anthem, named "Survivor", for our new campaign and now it is available on this website (as of April). We are planning a number of new products during this year-long event.

2001 Coloring Contest WINNER! Children paint a new picture of hope for Americans after the recent attacks on our nation.

Our mascot "Bear" runs the 2001 New York Marathon

The Wall - Currently over 6,000 survivors, victims and supporters have already entered their name in this worldwide database. Just imagine the numbers of survivors and victims who are still out there. Entries including support and powerful Stories of abuse and healing are included. Click "The Wall" button at left to view these entries. Please enter your support today.


2000 event Results - Dec. 1st

Please bookmark this page and return as our results are updated.


Many THANKS to all of our ambassadors who served in different areas across our great continent! You are truly the heroes of this event.

FLASH!!!.... Over 5000 teddy bears collected so far... more to come....

Here are just some of the results that have come in...


Naugatuck, CT

We had our 1st Day_of_the_Child vigil tonight at the

Town Hall in Naugatuck. It went very well for us, considering the

cold weather is a lot colder than it is where you are. Among other

people who were there at the vigil, this included the Naugatuck

Mayor Joan Taf, who presented us with a proclamation declaring Dec. 1,

2000 as DOTC for the town. We also had a State Rep. Kevin DelGobbo, who

presented us with a proclamation from the CT State Gov. John Rowland

also declaring today DOTC 2000. We also received an Official Citation

from the the CT General Assembly introduced by 3 State Reps. and a

State Sen. in recognition of Joyce and I for our extraordinary efforts

to promote the safety and well-being of CT's children. We had two

newspapers covering the vigil , all their articles to follow. We have

collected 2500 teddy bears to date, any more that we received, we will

start figuring for next year, because people brought them to the vigil,

and there are more still coming in next week. My new e-mail address is

Bob & Joyce Froelick


Day of the Child NEVADA (Las Vegas, Clark County)

Well, I had to wait until this morning to give you the "update" on Nevada's

DOTC Event....too tired last night to move....but it was fantastic......!!!!!

Hurray and Hallelujah....!!!! Our angels were working overtime.....!


We had over 100 people in attendance...!!! 4 EMS Services were represented

with Engines, Rescue Rigs and Ambulances....all of their personnel in full

uniform...! The Vice President of Sunrise Children's Hospital, a Liasion

from the Governor's Office, and the County Commissioners Office, as well as

dozens of groups and agencies throughout our valley were all

there.....listening and lighting candles....!


Our speakers were extremely impressive, Vicki Monroe, JD from the Clark

County DA's Office Crimes Against Women and Children, Dr. Diane Lipscomb,

Pediatric Intensifist, David Osman, RN, President of Nevada Youth Alliance

and Executive Director of the Area Health Education Council, Marion Hancock,

MSW, Manager of the Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect Team, and Dr. Leo

Capobianco, private family practice physician.

With our City, County and State Proclamations for The Day of the Child we

proudly kicked off what will be not only an annual event in Clark County but

State WIDE....! This next year I will be seeking out someone from the

Northern Part of the State to work with us for next December's Vigil.....!


Channel 3 (NBC) was there for nearly the entire service....with some very

awesome footage....I am going to talk with them about getting a copy of all

of the video that they took last night....! The news coverage at 11 was



"Dear Mr. Jesus" was the tear catalyst that it always is....and was played as

the candles were being lit....we then read the names of 75 children who were

killed in Nevada in the last 5 years by child abuse.....!

The rotunda of the State House was filled with booths displaying child abuse

prevention material, Shaken Baby Syndrome brochures and photos as well as the

four National Shaken Baby Alliance Quilts......!!!!! What an awesome



I am attaching some digital photos of our event, however the best of the

pictures were done with the 35 mm camera and won't we ready for a couple of

days...will share those when they are done.

We presented "Certificates of Appreciation" to all of the organizations and

individuals who helped pull the program together with us thanking them for

their support of the Day of the Child Program......!

Next week we will be launching our "Christmas Rememberance Tea" letter raise money for the education programs that we so desperately


Now comes the work....!!!!!!! In the year 2001 The Kierra Harrison

Foundation in conjunction with the year-long celebration of the Day of the

Child will be launching massive educational programs for all levels in Las

Vegas and Clark County. Child Abuse and Shaken Baby prevention, recognition,

prosecution and sentencing along with an additional focus on child care

providers. All of the EMS provider services in the county have been offered

paramedic training sessions and with the help of our two physician speakers

from last night we will begin in a couple of months to do training programs

for pediatric and family practice residents. Childbirth and new parenting

programs will include materials from our training outlines as well as high

school and middle school classrooms. Law enforcement, CPS, and Social

Workers will all be addressed in the training curriculum. We are also

working on introducing a special piece to the Law School and the College of

Criminal Justice.....!

Our next big event that will include The Day of the Child will be in April

for the National Child Abuse Awareness Month activities as well as the

National Shaken Baby Awareness Activities....and of course we will never

forget Victim's Rights Awareness that same month......!

To all of you I say thank-you....!!!! You are a wonderful and caring

group...of people who will one day make "Child Abuse" an archived event in

the history of mankind!


Pamela S. Rowse, R.N.

Grandmother of Kierra Ashlie Danielle Harrison (murdered 3/5/97) -

licensed day care provider


Canada, Ontario Province

Well so far my count is 518 stuffed animals. I heard my drive announced on

the two local radio stations here finally and have two ads running in two

local newspapers. I dropped off the rest of the boxes this morning at the

late comers establishments. Things look really good so far. I have so many

new idea's which I am going to try for next year. Being new to this I wasn't

sure what all to try but I'm going to give it a whirl next year for sure.I

want to add a little something extra with the teddys so I've called upon two

of the local kingsmen clubs for some help. Our Santa Claus parade is

tomorrow and they always hand out candy canes durning the parade and

afterwards they hand out bags of candies at one of the local legions so they

have told me I can have any left over candies, canes etc for my kids. I

always call them that even though I dont know any of them personally! I am

so grateful and excited about all of this. I'm sure its going to be a HUGE

Success. People all over town are talking about my drive for the kids. Our

town only consist of about 9,000 people and I'm so proud of them already.


I can only give you what I have so far because I'm carrying my drive

right through until December 16th. I had some late comers and didn't want to

turn them away.

Yvonne Levely (Ontario, Fergus, Elora, Guelph, Canada)


Mississippi, Gulf Coast area

Two stations chose to play the song "Dear Mr. Jesus" and received (as usual)

a lot of feedback as a result. Quite possibly five people (families) will

get the help they need because of it. At least they were referred to the

proper place if they want it. *fingers crossed*


I have 230 bears enroute to me from Virginia. I have about 210 in my living

room and several (uncounted as of yet) in my office along with hundreds of

coloring books, activity books, crayons and other toys. Most of the toys

will go to the Rhonda Crane emergency Shelter in Pascagoula, MS. Two

churches have made DOTC and the shelter their year long project so that is

overwhelming but wonderful. (Big thanks to God and all the "earth angel"

hearts he has touched here in the Gulf Coast area of Mississippi!)


Special thanks to a couple group of nurses in a local city that decided to

give up their gifts to each other and donate it to helping abused children

instead. One of the nurses, Sadie Parker, and I will be shopping for the

kids next Wednsday. Sadie also donated a Christmas tree to the shelter.


All of our fairs went well and many people were given facts about child

abuse and where to get help no matter if you are victim or perp. I truly

believe that education is the key. On that note I am booked at several

churches to continue the education process using the play that I wrote last



Due to family emergencies I was unable to do as much as last year but I make

no apologies because the God I worship turns small acts into majors events.

Only He can know who was really reached and how many hurting children will

be helped. Most of all I pray that uncountable children have been prevented

from being hurt in the first place. My goal is the same as Richards: to work

ourselves out of an event!


Congratulations to all the ambassadors as well as to the people that made

our effort easier and more productive. Most of all I praise a compassionate

God who has once again smiled down on Day of the Child.

Love to you all!

For the Children,




Sayreville, NJ

This is my second year with Day of the Child. Since I am a student with tons of

work to do, I decided to concentrate on Operation Bear-Hug in my area and I am
EXTREMELY HAPPY to report it was

a HUGE SUCCESS! I wrote letters to the local schools and girl scout troops

explaining Day of the Child and Operation Bear-Hug at first I did not get any

response at all but in the last few weeks things have really started going

and I have had people ask if we can extend the collection past Dec. 1st so I

have extended it until right before Christmas. I would like to Thank the

following schools and organizations for participating this year:


~ Truman School whose Principal Linda Coffey

and counselor Robin Marks managed to not only get us donations from the

children in the elementary school but also 200 teddy bears donated from RUSS

and an article in yesterdays paper!!!!


~ Sayreville Middle School with a special thanks to teacher Joe Malara

~ Wilson School with a special thanks to Mrs. Bowman and Mrs. McCormick

~ The Sayreville Girl Scout Service Unit

~ John J. Matyjewicz

~ Susan Weaver

~ and for their extremely generous donation!


The total bear count for Operation Bear-Hug as of December 1st 2000 is

1500 teddy bears!!!! This number however does not included a number of bears still

at the schools that need to be picked up as well as many that I know will

come in before Christmas! So I am very HAPPY to report that although it was

last minute there was much interest in Sayreville for helping hurting

children and Next year there will definately be a LARGE event...people are

already asking about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will send an update in to be posted when the collection is completed! I can

not wait to see what that total is and how many children will have bears to

hug!!!! Thank You Everyone!!!!!

Jennifer Danchisko, Day of the Child NJ Ambassador


Phoenix, AZ

This is Pam Austin, Mother of Lindsey Pitsch, just to keep you informed on what is going on here in Phx., my spare bedroom is full of Bears, haven't counted them yet, but there is plenty, also a very concerned Lady from our Scottsdale area has brought over her collection of Beanie Babies (over a 100 of them) she said that they were just collecting dust and had read my e-mails and wanted the Children to have them, the Mayor of our town also has signed a Proclamation for Dec. 1st, they sent it to Lindsey and Mayor Skip Rinza enclosed it in a beautiful Blue Cover, she was really excited about it, we will be getting in touch with the different Abuse Centers and Hospital here and what is left over we will donate to the shelters here with Children that have no homes, and there are plenty of homeless Children here.

Can't wait to get started for next year, going to get started early because it keeps you busy, its like having a second job, but its worth every minute of it.

We miss our Baby Boy, but I'm sure he is smiling down on everyone with pride, he would have been 2 on Dec. 18th so send him a Birthday prayer.

Thank You everyone for all of your Good Work for these Beautiful Children.

My Love to all of You,

Pam in Phoenix, AZ


Alabama: Baldwin County, So. AL

We collected 100 Teddy Bears and will be taking them to the Child Advocacy

Center in Mobile, Alabama. This past Sunday, a third grader named Amanda

Cole sang "Dear Mr. Jesus" in Church and Meghan Buchanan read "To My Child."

We had a bulletin insert in Sunday's bulletin with a Teddy Bear drawn by Ian

Hants and a mint green ribbon pinned to it for everyone to wear on Dec. 1.

We also put articles in both newsletters . . . during the month of November.

This newsletter and bulletin insert went to appx. 1000 people. This is our

first year . . . plan to expand each year. Teresa in Alabama.

Teresa C. Seevers, Alabama



LOS ANGELES, CA (Fashion Sqare Mall booth)

Becky, who will be one of our 2001 ambassadors, only became one of our ambassadors just one week before the event and was somehow still able to accomplish the following:

Click to read a December 7, 2000 L.A. Times article

I talked to a good 200 people today and passed out an

approximately 300 ribbons (half of the 600 I carried with me). Collected

four bears but made a lot of good contacts with people who are interested in

helping next year and that was really the big wish as well as getting the

word out to ppl about HOPE for abused children and reducing/wiping out child

abuse all together! After you left, there were a few girls under 12 who

stopped by to talk about having a friend or cousin who they knew was

"abused". We talked about what they could do and generally, listened to them

express their own sadness about things but feeling hopeful that their

friend/relative would find hope for a better life. I gave them referrals and

phone numbers along with DOTC website. Generally people were very

receptive although there were a few who were downright hostile or resistant

to hearing anything or admitting that such a horrendous thing exists in this

world today. My psych radar was spinning a lot with those folks but I didnt

push it. Many folks were grateful for

the information (the DOTC press release and statistics) and stated they would

visit the website and sign the WALL. :) I particularly found some of the

older guys taken with some of those bears! They kept smiling and coming back

to look at them and even touch them! Cute.


All in all, it was a great day! Talked to 200 folks (men, women, children)

and passed out approximately 300 flyers of the Stats and the flyers each

(including 300 ribbons). Collected four bears. The LA TIMES sent a

photographer this morning and took a lot of pictures. Will interview

Allison Cohen, reporter for LA TIMES on Monday afternoon via IM (computer) at 3:30 pm

in which I will harp up next year's big fun. By the way, there was one lady

who invited me to a "party" Wednesday of a large group of volunteers around

LA who assist organizations like DOTC with their mission. She asked that I

bring the flyers, ribbons and couple bears and talk about our purpose. Said

they may also donate some bears, so like YOGI BERRA once said, IT AINT

OVER, TIL IT'S OVER!!!! I am expecting a phone call from this lady later this

wkend or Monday to finalize details. Peggy Reyna of LACAAW sent me an

email that stated, " Hi Becky, Great Job! Especially for such short notice. I

forwarded the information to ch 9 and 13 contacts that I have and to several other

agencies. Want to be in on the planning committee for next year. Good

Luck-my niece, Brandi Ann works at Bloomingdales in the Chanel area.

Peggie" we can count on her help next year, too. As for KKBT running

PSA today in LA, I havent "heard" ha but I will follow up with Shaye who was

trying to get something done there given the short notice. She, too, stated

that she wants to be on the planning committee for DOTC 2001. She has a lot

of contacts in the music and radio industries. Yes! So you see, I've made

some important contacts and look forward to working with these ppl on next

year's campaign. I got the names and addresses of some of the ppl who I

spoke with today at the MALL that are interested in helping next year as


I really enjoyed myself today and look forward to working with you and others

for the next year!

If I am rambling now, it's because I didnt get home from KINKOS this morning

til five a.m. and then out of bed at seven! I was operating on pure passion and

adrelinin! :)

Becky Clark, PhD, CSW




New York: Levittown, Garden City

I am sure you remember, I did "An Evening of Giving" last year, and

again this year. The outcome was awesome. I never saw so many people

shopping under one roof, even at X-mas time. People did their shopping, went

out to their cars, came in again and did some more.


I took a table by a door. I happen to get a door that was not a main

one. Well, because of the amount of people and the shopping they were doing,

I was able to send to P.A.R.E.N.T. International over $400.00 dollars.


I hope all the others have a great success also. One thing I want

everyone to remember is that is u help but one child, that u have

accomplished a great deal.

Friends forever,






Tampa, Florida

I got 14 bears, and donated them to a Joshua house here in my area. The

"GTE house." I personally delivered them, and I even read a story to one of

the children. It was really nice.


Also, my co-workers wanted to adopt a family for Christmas, and after alot

of pushing, I managed to get them to sponsor the Joshua house (the same one)

instead of a "normal" family.


The long and the short of it is, there are ten children whose Christmasses

may be happy, and whose lives will hopefully never again be as bad as they

once were.


Thank you all for working so hard in all accross the country! I wish I

could have done more, and I am glad that I was able to do anything. Some of

you have blown me away with your dedication to our cause. I really

appreciate each of your efforts.

Angel, Tampa FL



NorthWest Florida

I passed out over 600 ribbons (special thanks to Cost Cutters in Walmart for

giving them out -- and special thanks to Joann Fabrics for being the only

store in town with mint green ribbon!)


I collected 7 teddy bears (donated by Angela Linke and family) and 1 beanie

baby (thanks to the Gift Garden).


The "Radio People" at the five radio stations played the PSA this morning,

twice. A very special thanks to them for their efforts to help me get

everything I needed for the vigil, even though I wasn't able to have one.


Another thanks to the Department of Recreation for allowing me to use Liza

Jackson Park East Pavilion (although I didn't use it in the end).


Also, Florida Representative Jerry Melvin was very interested in the issues I

brought forth to him, and I feel that we may see some good things come from

him in the near future! He is an advcate for

children and is currently working on revamping the child support system,

which in his own words "just isn't working." I may be offering assistance to

Mr. Melvin regarding child welfare in the future!


The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Department in Shalimar, FL was more than happy

to receive the teddy bears!


I may not have been able to reach the public at large, but I did speak to

many people in high places about child abuse, so the word is getting out, and

I am hoping to see improvements soon!

Wendi Sturgeon (NW FL)



In my hometown of Middle River, Maryland, I saw a very small, poor to

moderate income community, come forth and donate teddy bears when they

probably couldn't afford to do so which made it more touching. I gave out

flyers and preventive child abuse information supplied to me by Prevent

Child Abuse, Maryland. Additionally, I held a 50/50 raffle and collected

donations (although not a substantial sum) for that non-profit organization

whose work in the area of preventing child abuse is invaluable. WPOC Radio

Station came through with an autographed celebrity photo, CD and Garth

Brooks' book. Blockbuster Video donated a few DVD's for the raffle, and I

donated a couple of my own. Also, one of the Girl Scout Troops from another

county (Harford County) assisted me by pulling together and each Girl Scout

from that troop donated the most precious bears I have ever seen. The

Office Manager where I work and another close friend/neighbor went overboard

by personally purchasing a good number of the finest bears. My co-workers

continue to drop off bears (still awaiting a total) at my desk day by day.

In addition to my

efforts here, I also had 2 very young children, sister and brother, ages 5

and 7, suffering from child abuse/neglect touch my lives and reach out to me

in their own way. I have adopted them into my heart and they are so

special. As I write this, the Department of Social Services is actively

investigating the problem. I have never experienced this in my

is a feeling that I can never describe in words. And, with these two

youngsters in mind, I will be back as many years as I can and always looking

with my eyes and heart for any child that needs help, and love....that they,

too, one day, will sign TheWall, as survivors.....I AM SOARING!

I, definitely, will be back!!! God bless.

Cheryl, Maryland



I put my energy into awareness. Local stores participated by employees wearing green ribbons and giving flyers to customers. We had mint green ribbons handed out in three different cities, and Autoliv, Walmart, on college was all involved in the green ribbon campaign. All local radio stations and TV networks were involved with PSA annnouncements and playing the song, "Dear Mr. Jesus".

Our Davis County attorney and deputies wore green ribbons, and it was great because many were serving in Juvenile court that day.

I feel really good about the day, and what was accomplished it was great to drive around and see people with their headlights on (because of the media announcements) and with various green ribbons of their own making on antennas.

next year .......lookout.

Gail Peterson, UT ambassador


Central IL

We had a vigil/awareness night here (Decatur, IL) on Nov. 30/ 5:30 p.m. - we

did the vigil a day early to encourage the best turnout from both the campus

community (I'm a college student) and the community at large. Approximately

40 people attended - about 25% students.


I organized a community-wide poster contest through the elementary schools

as a step toward community involvement and community awareness of

DOTC...received 120 entries from 3 schools (there are 14 elementary schools

here) and awarded nine prizes - 3 places in each of 3 age groups: 1/2 grade,

3/4 grade, and 5/6 grade. Our state's attorney elect, Scott Reuter, gave a

brief statement and awarded prizes.


I am excited and my spirit lifted that two community members want to help in

big ways next year! One, who has contcts w/ the media,has already gotten

folks who want to give us major media coverage next year! I also hope to

get the radio simulcast and Op. Bear Hug up and going next year. :)

Prayers and blessings to you,

Sara Fornoff, IL


Listen to our New Public Service Announcements

Download 30-second PSA in MP3 file format

Download 30-second PSA in RealAudio file format


1999 Day of the Child event highlights

On December 1st HISTORY was made for hurting hearts across our nation. A loving Day of the Child happened because of you (see below). While angels flew to the side of victims by the thousands, causing needed freedom, happy laughter and giggles... abusers came down with inexplainable backaches, bunions, flat tires, colds and shame. While survivors found new strength and healing in solidarity as we united together in love for one another... if only for a moment... or for a new beginning.

Richard Klender, founder, Day of the Child national office

 Scroll down for various State results

Here are a few of the many stations which are participating/reporting in with us:

Our heartfelt thanks go out to you for supporting the hurting children:


KMIX (KGMX) 106.3, High Desert Broadcasting etc. So. CA, David Grant

WNJL Smooth Jazz 99.7 NJ







KB-101 Radio MN



KWWX (Spanish)

Good News Radio, KSGN 89.7 FM


KPSM (K-99.3 FM) Christian Radio




KUKU Oldies 100 Radio










Y93 FM








WKLU Kool Radio 101



WWLL 105.7

















WFGZ Froggy 94 TN







WPOC Baltimore


THE WALL - Hundreds of new names were added to The Wall on

December 1st alone. We now have over 5000 names and stories to share with

the World.


Here are a few sample States Reporting '99 Results

more to be announced

IDAHO - Boise

On Wednesday I had an interview on the local NBC morning news show to let

the community know what the vigil is about. The radio

stations in our area participated by helping us promote the Vigil that would be

taking place that night (Dec 1st). At Boise State University

I passed out folders with information about local non-profit orgs that deal

with child abuse and information about the Health and Welfare for our state,

sold the Day of the Child T-shirts that were sponsored by local businesses,

and disbursed mint green ribbons. The vigil was Amazing! Local high school

students set up cardboard cut outs of children from local day cares on the

Capitol steps. Great Visual effect! The 1st Lady of Idaho spoke at the

Vigil as well as two experts in the field of Child Abuse; David Ernat-

director of Lutheran Social Services & Kim Batt-Lincoln- director of SANE

Solutions to Physical and Sexual Abuse. Jim Everett the CEO of the YMCA

spoke about the community aspect of this crime. I read the Teddy Bear poem

by Cindy Pike Dunning and then asked everyone to "raise their lights and

take a moment of silence for all victims and survivors as well as to the


STOPPED!" Then challenged everyone to bring 2 people with them next year.

This is the first of a multi year campaign, and it is going to get bigger and

bigger.At the Vigil we had a really good turn out for our area, for the 1st year.

We were on the news and a photographer from the Idaho Statesman was there

too. We sold more shirts and glowsticks, there were no candles allowed on

the Capitol grounds so we used this as an alternative.


I am so thrilled to be a part of this team. I know you all saw it too, it

was a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, tears, and tons of prayers! When

people were giving me their #s to get involved for next year and asking for

the poem and then the wonderful words from a Survivor thanking me this

morning, I would do it all over in a heartbeat! It was so fun and

challenging at the same time & the fulfillment in my heart is incredible.

How can you describe this feeling to anyone other than Absolutely Awesome!

Just knowing that you can help, educate, raise awareness and yet you don't

have to be an expert. Just have the passion and desire to help and make a

difference for our children. Also to show those higher, the law makers &

court system will see that we stand united and the laws have got to change

towards perpetrators. WE need to enforce stiffer penalties!

God Bless All Children!

Semone Schultz, Boise Idaho


IDAHO - Coeur d'Alene

Day of the Child went well here in Coeur d'Alene. I passed out information and

ribbons to students on the North Idaho College Campus while in the Student

Union for an hour today and wore my T-shirt with pride! The response with the

students was wonderful. I referred many people to Children's Village for further

information. I feel that it can be an even bigger event next year! Thank you so

much for all your support and I wish I would have had time to do more.


Jamie Morgan, Ambassador, Coeur d'Alene ID



I was able to get the simulcast done on three stations here in Abilene,

Texas along with a live interview on each station this morning. I will be

directing the Boys and Girls Club choir at 4:30 this afternoon (Dec 1st) in their

first Christmas performance in honor of Day of the Child.

The stations that I am aware of that did the simulcast are: 98.1, 103.7,

and 99.7.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this.

LATER in day...

We just finished the Choir performance at First National Bank with about 50

kids. NBC News was there and videoed the kids singing. Afterward we did an

interview about Day of the Child. This will air tonight at 6 and 10 p.m.

central standard time.

What a great day!!!

Melanie Copeland, Ambassador - ABILENE TX





Good Morning from a very chilly Nebraska


The Proclamation was signed for the state of Nebraska on November 3, 1999.

Hartley Chorus sang a song for the governor, first time any school chorus has

sang personally for the Governor. (And the kids, were great, they never

sounded better, not bad for 4th and 5th graders), they are still talking

about how they got to shake hands with the Governor.



Local Drs. donated 25 bears

Southeast High School Choir, are up to 85 total bears to date.

Willard Soriority of Wesleyan College has donated 80 bears

friends and family 50 bears

November 11th Skating party, 42 bears

November 17th, Fun night at Hartley school, bring a bear and receive a

spaghetti dinner, or hot dog and chips

Doane College in Crete (Evamarie's College) will be sitting up

barrals, for donations of "Huggies" (estimates of around 80 bears)

Famous Amos Andy Cookie, man stopped in Lincoln and visited the

elementary schools on Friday, and donated 100.00 for the cause(plus a case

of cookies)(Hey we have to have something to keep our energy level up


>From the Hugs and Kisses organization, we have a commitment of 100 bears(this morning she called back and asked if we could use 150 instead) Of course I Said YES

At the Nebraska Kansas Football Game on Saturday the Marines were taking

donations - could give us somewhere between 50-75 bears.

so for the grand total so far we have 587 bears (with 15 days to go), plus money donations to buy more bears with. not bad, considering my original goal was 250 bears.

Teena, Ambassador Nebraska



Candlelight vigils will be held this evening in Ocean County (on December 1st) at the following locations:


*Brick Town - 7:30

Brick High School Auditorium

Chambers Bridge Road

Brick, NJ 08723

Guest Speaker - Mayor J. Scarpelli

Guest Speaker - Counselor from Providence House

Guest Speaker - Harbor House


Call Venus Hunter (732) 942-4222 or Dina Mulleano (732) 942-4320 for

further details


Teddy bears are being collected for hurting children and can be brought to

the vigil for drop off that night

*St. Francis Church

Long Beach Island, NJ


Call St. Francis Center (609) 494-1554 for further details


See a PHOTO of some of the bears and cuddlies we collected for the kids


Toms River - 7:30

location TBA

Guest Speaker - Mayor Fox

St. Joseph's Grade & High School Choirs

Guest Speaker - St. Francis Center

Guest Speaker - Empathy Foundation



Teddy bears are being collected for hurting children and can be brought to

the vigil for drop off that night

I can't believe this!!!! On Sunday my co-worker was here and we sorted 300

bears and that didn't include tiny bears because they are really small and

we don't know what the agencies are going to do with them. This morning

she called me up to tell me that she got a message on her voice mail that

one of the high school key clubs had collected 600 teddy bears. I called

this woman to thank her tonight and she told me the total is now up to

700!!!!! I thanked her so much and asked her where they came from and she

said that they collected almost 500 from the beginning and they came from

the teachers and the high school students collecting them. I told her that

the drive would be on until the end of December and she said that she'll

keep going. This is one high school and the other high school is

decorating the town hall building.

 LATEST NJ UPDATE: 1800+ bears donated. WOW.

Elsa, Ambassador NJ




OK now for update here. Heileg Meyers in Pearl, MS, and Gray Daniels Ford in

Brandon, MS, allowed me to set up a box and table with information in their

offices!!! I am looking for two other locations.

WE are hiring a clown and set up something in front of the Target store with their permission and we will be having free face painting for the kids. At

this little event we will be collecting teddy bears. And to get the public to

be more aware of this and to push the issue of donating a TEDDY we are going

to hold a drawing for a Ty Beanie. Anyone who gives a bear can put their name

into the drawing. The beanie will be in it's own case with a tag protector.


I faxed all the radio stations in the Jackson area. Begged them to announce

Operation BearHug and what it means, telling them where people can drop off

the bears (a great way to get the word out to local citizens). I called

the locations and they are all for helping me get the radio stations to

publicly announce this!!!!!!! So, now fingers crossed again and more praying

that the DJs are announcing and bears will start pouring in. I will continue my

efforts through December to get those bears. And pray I will

have them to deliver to the children by Christmas.


To all the ambassadors.....GREAT JOB!!!!


In my heart of hearts, my prayers went out to all the children and I made an

effort to make sure people knew about Operation BearHug. This evening I was in

a wonderful mood. I guess I would have to say that Angels were with me and

brought a message that I did my best and I too could celebrate with all of

you. So I danced in celebration with Shania Twains song ("Come on Over") :-) .


I also still have planned my Teddy Bear collection and the Ty Beanie Baby

drawing. So am hoping that too will bring in even more bears.


Elsa, I would be happy to stay on the list and get a good head start on DOTC

2000. I know I got a late start this go around, but I now that I know more about

DOTC we can make even better plans for next yea. My accomplishments for '99

have given me better hope for next year. And the children can definitely

count on me. God Bless each of you


Kristie Cabunac, Ambassador, BRAXTON MS





An Evening of Giving was a success!!!!!!!!!!!! Ticket sales were good. Many people came over and asked questions or took what P.A.R.E.N.T was creating more awareness. People liked the pens, and most took ribbins, even children asked what they were about and if they could have one. Pictures of the missing child were picked up in support. their children back, because of Parent.


I am already planning for next year. When u are there, u see how other

people did things. So I am starting to put them altogether so next year will

be even better. Picked upquite a few ideas that we can use next year.


Here's is something u may get a kick out of. I had my picture taken

with Santa and I told him all I wanted for Christmas was for my kids to come

home. When Santa was on is walk around breaks, he came over and asked me

quite a lot of questions about abuse and what our organization did. Maybe we

should all start believing in Santa or St. Nick, whatever u want to call him.

I have a feeling that he may work hand in hand with God. I know I said it,

but I can't wait for next year.


While I was there, I stopped in Sam Goody record store. I told the

manager(when I finally got him) about Dear Mr.Jesus.

He is going to get the CD and play Dear Mr. Jesus all throughout Christmas.

He said to me when u are in the mall, and u hear the song, it would be him

playing. I asked if he could play it once an hour.!!!!!!!!!!


If I think of anything else that I forgot, it will be on its way to u



Eileen, Ambassador, P.A.R.E.N.T. organization - New York




We're having a vigil on Wednesday evening, Karrie has been kind enough to volunteer to come and speak...thank you Karrie.

I've already spoken to the principal at my daughters school about another

Bear Hug around Valentines Day, so we'll see how that goes. The PSA's for

OBH have brought in a ton of bears and the article in our local paper has

too. I've handed out 1000 flyers for the

vigil and have gotten full support from the Rotary Club, the sheriffs dept,

the mayors office and Family and Children we'll have a

good turn out. Oh, another Bear

project, the mall in town has a program,

$175 worth of merchandise in the mall and get a free bear. They

are asking customers to donate those bears to OBH...keeping my fingers

crossed BUT the kicker is that the mall is also a client of the radio

stations that have been doing the PSA's, so we're getting twice the Anyhow, I've attached my CLV flyer and a letter that I

wrote to go along with the bears on their journey to the children. Also, I

made some mint green ribbons for the vigil and attached them to strips of

paper with 'Children Live by What They Learn' and I've attached that as

well. Still more happening as the day progresses.


Lily, NORTH CAROLINA Ambassador





Here at the Family Support Council in Dalton, GA, we have done several things to prepare for "Day of the Child." We have been on both local cable TV stations talking about the event. We have gotten our local radio stations to participate in the playing of "Dear Mr. Jesus," on Dec. 1st and we have been on the radio talking about the event. We have gotten the mayor to issue a proclamation designating Dec.1st as "Day of the Child" in Dalton. We have written a letter to the editor of our local newspaper explaining to the community what "Day of the Child" is. And we have been collecting teddy bears for abused and neglected children. We believe our efforts have raised awareness of this problem, and people have been made more aware of how to report abuse, how to get help, and that the victims are not to blame.

Thomas Bartley, GEORGIA ambassador



First, know that prayers are going up for you and Day of the Child. Definitely see HIS hand on you & working thru you. MANY blessings.

Secondly, know that the Ventura County Board of Supervisors HAVE officially declared Dec 1, 1999 as "Day of the Child" -- I've requested a copy of the documentation. Once received I will be sure and share with Family Violence Prevention Coalition, as well as you.

Pamela Spencer, Ventura County, CA



REPORT from P.A.R.E.N.T. organization FROM FLORIDA:


Today, several people will be talking with a campaign representive of Jeb and

George Bush jr. regarding new legislation that will help the kids. We are

trying to pass VIVIANS LAW in FLORIDA. The FLorida team is working on this

today in rememberence of DAY OF THE CHILD.



Roosevelt Field shopping Mall. A music store has stocked "Please Mr. Jesus"

and will be plaing it throughout the Day.


National News:

P.A.R.E.N.T. is supporting Senator Charles Robb (VA) efforts to pass Nadia's

Resoltuion. Nadia was kidnapped to the middle east. WE just recieved the

wording of the resoltuion.





As of October, 1999 we began audio publishing "Voices from the Wall" which are RealAudio stories of abuse and the healing that has taken place for survivors of abuse.

October 1, 1999 - 10,000 Radio stations were contacted via mail and email about this year's radio simulcast. Radio support continues to come in.

In October, 1999 a faithful prayer group, Intercessors of America began praying for victims of abuse. If you believe in the power of prayer please join them by including this event and victims in your daily prayers. If you have prayer requests for someone you know who is a current victim or survivor of abuse please email this group.

As of September, 1999 we have added an "Ambassador" page which provides you email links to local area representatives and volunteers. This list grows daily.

In April, 1999, which is child abuse prevention month, we released a new CD "Anthem for Kosovo" to help stop the abuse in Kosovo during the war. We wish to thank the radio stations and networks who utilized this song to help raise awareness during the war.

On December 1, 1998 we launched a year long campaign to reach radio stations and other media outlets to let them know about the upcoming worldwide simulcast of "Dear Mr. Jesus" and other events on Dec. 1st 1999. In a well-sampled test market regional simulcasts were held to learn more about how to best work with stations nationwide over this upcoming year.

For example, as a part of this test market, stations in Lancaster/Palmdale, CA, which is often used for test marketing, blanketed the airwaves last Dec.1st in support of Day of the Child. An incredible outpouring of calls came into the participating stations offering support and even in some cases, abusers looking to get help to stop their heinous crimes. Five radio stations and 3 TV stations, including the number 1 and number 2 stations in the area took part in the test simulcast. Special thanks to who helped get the ball rolling to benefit the Children's Center of Antelope Valley. This man is a talented air personality who truly cares about hurting children. He continues to be active in this field and we are very appreciative of him along with others from his staff. David spent the morning playing songs (country format) that related to the topic of child abuse and up-beat songs about children and fielded calls about the topic, directing people to the right places in town. KHJ and its "HOT TALK" affiliates also took part in morning interviews and citings from the local newspaper which was also quite effective in stirring up listeners over the cause.

In October 1998, Betty Hampshire of TechTrac Video donated duplication of the "Dear Mr. Jesus" videos so that we could, in-turn, donate copies to TV stations for airing. We hope to be able to continue this practice up until the event. We are also pursuing other technologies which will allow us to provide copies of the digital video to TV stations worldwide via the internet.

On May 5th, 1998 the national radio program "Focus on the Family" aired a powerful program featuring a victorious survivor of intense child abuse, Benji Clark. The broadcast, entitled "Reaching Emotional Wholeness" concluded with a presentation of "Dear Mr. Jesus".

In March of 1998, Sara O'Meara and Yvonne Fedderson, officers of ChildHelp USA, offered their support for our Day of the Child campaign. They will be one of the many beneficiaries of funds raised via Day of the Child. We supported ChildHelp USA ten years ago in our first national event. We appreciate the work they have done with their Hotlines and with their awesome facilities designed to help abused children.


©1999 Day of the Child