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Where the money goes

We want you to be able to feel the utmost confidence about how your money is used. For this reason we have structured Day of the Child in a unique and simple way. Day of the Child is not subsidized and will raise the needed money to pay its own expenses. All labor is being donated by volunteers and primary sponsors.

1) Pledges: We request that all personal donations be made directly to the local child abuse shelter/agency of your choice. Any donations sent to us will be returned or forwarded to a charitable organization of our choice (see below).

2) Sponsorships: We are seeking companies as Day of the Child sponsors who wish to join our cause to help abused children. These companies may choose either to have their logo displayed with a website link or to have their company name and phone listed from this site. The purpose of this sponsorship is two-fold: 1) to give businesses the opportunity to join in this cause and 2) to defer the real expenses of Day of the Child. Real expenses are items for which receipts are available like the monthly cost of the website, the registration of the domain names, copying and office supply expenses, media phone bills, postage, postage machines, media kits, travel expenses, administration costs, etc.. Absolutely NO SALARIES or "ENTERTAINMENT" expenses are considered legitimate. Any monies received which go beyond these expenses will be forwarded to a child abuse charity. Current sponsors.

3) Merchandise: Money from merchandise described in this website will be considered income and will be used to pay for the manufacture of the products and to compensate the creators and maintainers of this website. We believe as you look at the merchandise you will realize it is being offered at reasonable prices (mostly wholesale) and there is no effort being made to gouge the public. One of our goals is to produce quality tools and resources which help to promote awareness and healing for victims and adult survivors. You help us continue on when you support these resources.

We strongly encourage that anyone with any misgivings should not purchase the merchandise, become a sponsor or send us any money whatsover. If you have any doubts PLEASE donate your funds to the child abuse agency of your choice. We hope this helps clarify our financial position regarding this undertaking.

I still want to make a donation...

For those of you who do not know where to make your donation locally, there are a couple of organizations/charities we wish to help out this year that we can recommend. Please EMAIL US if you are interested in helping us help some others in need. We will provide you with details so you can make your own informed decision. Thanks for your support.
Day of the Child