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Day Of The Child  


Our latest event has been declared "Year of the Survivor". A nationwide child abuse campaign is now being displayed on behalf of America's adult survivors and victims of child abuse. You can help make history, along with thousands of schools and businesses whom we are asking to join in sharing this nationwide message. In local areas, we are asking ambassadors and local communities to participate in this
year-long event
. to donate your resources to hurting children and adult survivors. Celebrating 18 years of helping hurting children, the Day of the Child vision is to raise awareness and promote healing for victims and survivors of child abuse thereby influencing the future hope for children of the world. Change a child's life today by adding your name to "The Wall" and then get involved in your own local community using the resources we provide for you on this site.

Do you care?...

What if you could free little Sarah from a dark closet with one loving turn of a doorknob? What if you could rescue young Bobby from a "lifetime" of cowering before "the belt"? What if you could give Joyce the courage to heal from over 15 years of suffering in her own private hell? Turn the key and open the door. Tell the world and these hurting hearts that you adding your name to "The Wall" today.

"Build The Wall" - one brick at a time. - "Build The Wall" - one heart at a time. - "Build The Wall" - one hope at a time. - "Build The Wall" - one dream at a time. - "Build The Wall" - one life at a time - "Build The Wall" - one prayer at a time - "Build The Wall"

Check out these exciting plans:

  • This December 1st, join with us as the world participates in a national web and radio event.
  • This season, our goals continue to be:

  • to demonstrate the importance and influence of children
  • to raise awareness by sponsoring media events that focus the world's attention on the issues of child abuse.
  • to provide an anonymous means for victims and survivors to acknowledge their abuse, share their stories and pursue healing.
  • to help provide the means for local child abuse agencies throughout North America to raise funds. The unique aspect of Day of the Child is that all event donations are collected directly by the specified local and national child abuse agencies and not by Day of the Child.
  • to provide resources for local government organizations and agencies such as Police and Fire departments to raise the awareness of local citizens.
  • to empower caring hearts the world over via a grass-roots effort to accomplish what no single organization could possibly achieve on its own.
  • On December 1st History Will Be Made

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Description: Day of the Child is a one-day global media event (Dec. 1st) designed to empower everyday people and raise awareness for the issue of child abuse. An international database called "The Wall" is available for all who wish to support this grass-roots campaign for hurting children.

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