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We plan to pick a poem each month about child abuse or from victims of abuse and print them on this page as a way of sharing tears and healing old wounds. Some may illustrate the pain and others may illustrate the hope and healing. Keep in mind that some aspects may be "triggering" so be sure your mind feels in a safe place before reading on. Thank you.


There is no peace....

by Pamela Prentiss-Harrison


The night falls gentle upon the earth

but hard within the heart of a terror-filled child.

There is no peace this night

but a sentry-like awareness of

every noise, every movement

within the house.


A silent prayer is taken upon the wings

of the mourning dove

who waters the ground below with its tears

watching puddles form where each drop lands

forming a new ocean of sorrow.

There is no peace this night.


The tender child draws itself

into a tiny ball as if to disappear

... footsteps are heard in the hall

"please no" is whispered, "please go" is prayed

as the doorknob quietly turns.

There is no peace this night.


The dove soars higher, shaking sobs within its breast

penetrating clouds, gliding on wind

seeking its source

looking for the Light

knowing there will be no peace this night.


The shadow falls across

clenched fists, tousled curls,

drawn up limbs, eyes squeezed shut

against the scene about to unfold

scarcely breathing, knowing

there is no peace this night.


Feverishly winging toward

the rainbow of light and celestial destination,

the dove contracts and gasps with the pain

of its little charges' spirit

and delivers the message

To the being of Light & Beauty

who swoops down to grasp the hand of the child

and deliver its pain to another dimension

to be stored until the child is stronger

and able to face the reality of evil on the earth.


The angel cradles her charge,

gently rocking, while tears stream down her face...

mixing with the silent tears of the child.

The dove quietly sings its grievous song of mourning

for the lost innocence of this precious tot.

There is no peace this night.


Day of the Child Note: Aside from being a gifted writer, Pamela Prentiss-Harrison is one of our incredible ambassadors (Mississippi) who has a real heart for hurting childen and even a warrior-like spirit to stand in the gap for these hurting young ones. Pamela we salute you and appreciate the work you do in this field. Many are blessed to know you.



As I noticed myself becoming old and gray,

I knew it was time to visit the little girl of yesterday.

She had been kept safely hidden

In a place where others had been forbidden.

She knew I had to leave her long ago,

So one of us could find the strength to grow.

I promised her that I would someday return,

For she was my main concern.

No one could understand how her and I connect,

For I was the one present during the crime and neglect.

As I opened the door to yesterday,

I heard the sound of children happily at play,

But I noticed her sitting all alone and sad

Until our eyes met and she became glad.

We reunited by hugging and kissing one another

Like a beloved daughter and a mother.

I comforted her and dried away her tears

That were too painful for so many years.

As I looked in her small eyes of grey,

I told her that the monster had gone away.

She looked up at me and said,"I love you"

Then I replied, "I love you too".

Someone who cared had finally set her free.

The little girl that I used to be.




Lost Innocence


Looking back on a time and place

Seeing a child's innocent face

Knowing that things aren't as they appear

For inside she cries silent tears

Deep inside she is filled with pain

She feels dirty and full of shame

Innocence lost at a very young age

Locked this child in a pain filled cage

There is no freedom or escape

From the fact this child was raped

While the guilty man is roaming free

This child is sentenced to eternity

Eternity locked away with all this shame

She can't help but feel that she was to blame

Even though common sense says it was not her fault

She can't seem to help from having these thoughts

What ifs' keep running through her mind

She keeps going back to those moments in time

If there isn't something different she could have done

Why didn't she scream or at least try to run

Fear kept her frozen to the spot

While this grown man did what he should have not

Shame and fear made her keep the silence

Kept her telling anyone about the violence

The thing that is shocking beyond belief

Is that this child could not get any relief

The same thing happened again and again

The first one was just how it began

More than one man did his worst

None of them caring about the child they hurt

After the first time was it easy to tell

Was it her pain and shame they could smell?

With every touch a part of her died

Now she is in a prison that has no gate

Every one of them sealing her fate



GOD's Little Child

GOD sent me to you to melt your cold heart

And to give your life a new start

I was just a bundle of love

Sent from Heaven above

GOD had put twinkles in my eyes

From the stars He took from the sky

But I didn't melt your cold heart as you held me that day

I only heard the awful words you begin to say

I feft the blows and I felt the pain

And I felt my life slipping away

As my blood flowed leaving stains

You left me to die all alone

But GOD was watching from His Heavenly Throne

GOD sent His Angels to me and as they wiped away my tears

They told me never again would I know fear

The Angels carried me back to my Home above

Where JESUS greeted me with open arms of love

He smiled at me and said" I know what you have been through because I was abused and murdered to". " I will continue to knock on this cold heart's door and maybe before it is too late

Love will replace hate".

Janice Stancil, 2001


Lashes Of Life

The lashes of life you may not see

Just by looking at me

I have hid the emotional scars deep within

And I have pretended my tears were diamonds

My mother beat me most of the time with an invisible whip

made with hurtful words that cut deep

But no one read the abusive signs

I carried like chains

When she thought I hadn't suffered enough

She beat me with anything close to her hands

And each time when she finally let me go I ran

Hoping to find a way of escape

No matter my childhood age

I was a frightened child

For I lived in the devil's rage

Even now that I am a grown woman

That frightened child lives within me

But I hide her so the world will not see

What a "Mother" did to her

When my mother died

People wondered why I hardly cried

I, and the child within me watched

as mother was lowered in her deep dark grave

And I knew she would never again

Hurt the little child within me

I now know JESUS and I love Him so

He sees and knows the little frightened child

within me

JESUS is gently healing the scars mother's lashes made

And I thank JESUS because I believe

One day this frightened child will be free

Janice Stancil



Day of the Child NOTE: It's sad that abuse would cause this type of feeling in a precious individual but these types of thoughts are very real to those experiencing the evils of abuse. Please pray for the victims who have had their joy of living stolen from them at an early age and that they would receive enough grace to heal.

If you would like to read additional poems by victims and survivors of abuse please click here to go to one of our supportive ambassador's sites of poems. Tell others.