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This page is dedicated to those victims and survivors who have been through so much and in many cases may still be suffering abuse.

Nearly everyone agrees that child abuse is an evil occurence. There are organizations who are concerned for victims and survivors and these organizations have asked us if they can pray for you or someone you know personally. We also ask you to pray for those names on "The Wall" and other hurting children. Here is an opportunity to reach out for some spiritual healing through your own faith.

Update: The prayer organization, "First Love Ministries, International", will be specifically praying for the Day of the Child event, for victims and adult survivors now and up and through the date of this event. If you know someone who is suffering abuse who may need prayer please send us an email titled "" and we will see that these prayer requests are immediately prayed for.

You may also email us to prayer for someone who is already receiving prayer. This type of feedback is most encouraging for those who are praying daily for victims, survivors, parents and even for perpetrators of abuse.

Nationwide Moment of Silence - Noon, Dec. 1st.

We ask people of ALL faiths to join in a moment of silence or prayer on Monday, December 1st at Noon (in your own local time zone) Take a minute, wherever you are, to exercise or revisit your own faith and pray for the hurting young victims of child abuse and the adult survivors of abuse who are still attempting to heal from their emotional scars. Thank you and God bless you for caring for the children.