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December 1st - Event

There is no specific simulcast during this year's event. However, on December 1 - To kick off this one-day media event, we are asking radio stations to join together to play our new child abuse anthem, "Survivor". This song was specifically produced and created to raise awareness and promote healing for millions of adult survivors of child abuse. The song is now available on our website.

Lunch hour support: During lunch hour we are asking each business person around our nation to show your support, to prevent child abuse, by donating just one minute of silence during your lunchtime to honor victims and survivors of child abuse. We ask that radio stations will help remind the work force and listeners to show their support in this way. Mint green ribbons may also be made and worn in support of this day.

One station's desert balloon launch (with glow sticks)
created quite a memorable nightime impact

Evening Vigils: On Tuesday evening, we are asking for the support of individuals, local organizations churches and synagogues, to meet for evening vigils. Flashlight or candlelight vigils are a powerful way to focus on the problem of child abuse. Local advocates and politicians may take this opportunity to speak on behalf of adult SURVIVORS of child abuse and to promote further healing. We ask that radio stations will help remind listeners to stop by one of the local vigils (possibly provide a brief list or organized events) to pay their respect. Encourage listeners to carry their portable radios to stay tuned during this time (if your station will be carrying a live feed or be playing songs that support this theme). Encourage local television station (affiliates) to show up and cover this event (everybody wins).

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