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What Is It?

What is Day of the Child all about?

It's not about money.

It's about raising awareness since 1988.

Why?...if being aware doesn't solve the problem.

It can help elevate child abuse to a high profile cause.

In a day where the highly publicized subjects are still AIDS, drugs and gangs, we must also begin to place emphasis on attacking the root problem, in addition to treating its symptoms.

People must realize child abuse is a key issue which is a cause for many of our society's problems . A pervasive issue. An issue which has repercussions throughout the world.

Victims must understand they're not alone. That they're not to blame.

People must understand there is help available.

Day of the Child is about healing


Past events and Milestones

Our mascot "Bear" runs the New York City marathon!!!

Help make history December 1st, along with the participation of thousands of radio stations, media, and child abuse agencies around the globe. Please get involved today.

APRIL...National Child Abuse Prevention Month - please become involved

Do you care....? What if you could free little Sarah from a dark closet with one loving turn of a doorknob? What if you could rescue young Bobby from a "lifetime" of cowering before "the belt"? What if you could give Joyce the courage to heal from over 18 years of suffering in her own private hell? Turn the key and open the door. Tell the world and these hurting hearts that you adding your name to "The Wall" today.

"Build The Wall" - one brick at a time. - "Build The Wall" - one heart at a time. - "Build The Wall" - one hope at a time. - "Build The Wall" - one dream at a time. - "Build The Wall" - one life at a time - "Build The Wall" - one prayer at a time - "Build The Wall"!

Learn what you can do in your own local community using the resources we provide here. Most of all please spread the word.

Since 1988, Day of the Child has been hosting local, national and international events for this cause. In 1999, we added the power of Internet technology across the globe targeted on one Day which is designed to make a difference for hurting children. This year's event signals an even greater grass-roots campaign. Imagine, a global "grass roots" event that touches thousands and millions of hearts in a matter of minutes!

Details: To kick off this year-long event, we are asking radio stations around the nation and the world to join together in a national simulcast of a new child abuse anthem titled "Survivor" and also play a one-minute audio PSA message about preventing child abuse, to kick-off a worldwide awareness day on Monday, Dec. 1st 2003. We will make this new anthem available in April.

Beginning in March, please ask your local radio stations to help recognize adult SURVIVORS of child abuse by considering airplay of this new anthem ("Survivor") to their playlist during the month of April. Listen to a sneak preview in March to hear the new song and see a new music video.

A second prime-time will be December 1st 2003 when we will again ask radio stations and media to support this cause by joining in a Simulcast of this new anthem. Please help us contact radio personalities and radio Music Directors regarding these 2 important months. This second radio event begins during morning drive time across the United States potentially impacting thousands of commuters during their drive to work at a time when radio listenership is highest. Throughout the day we are asking international radio stations to join in as well.

We urge you to contact your local radio stations beginning in February to ask for their support in preparation for this grass-roots event. It is amazing how much power one single phone call or email can make. Radio works best when people speak out. We have been amazed by what radio personalities can do to get the world buzzing about a topic and recognizing adult SURVIVORS of child abuse is long overdue. Just turn your news on and you will agree, due to the incredible number of child abuse cases being reported daily; missing children sparking new Amber alerts and a rise in child homicides. When we began in 1988 child abuse was nowhere near the problem it is becoming.

Choose whatever level of involvement you wish when you enter your name on "The Wall". Some may want to simply pledge moral support for the millions of abuse victims while others may be more gratified to pledge a donation to their local child abuse agency. Throughout the year we will be suggesting many other ideas for raising awareness and pledges for child abuse agencies worldwide. One of the exciting things about Day of the Child is that ALL of the money pledged remains in the local city or state where your pledges originate (Where the Money Goes). Those interested in making donations to their local Child Abuse Agency or a national agency, may choose from a list of agencies registered in our database.

There are many ways you can help child abuse victims and survivors. We give you the tools so you can create events in your local neighborhoods and then report what you are doing so that others can view it from our web database.

This allows people all over the world to be inspired by your efforts and, potentially to adapt your ideas to their environment or even build on your ideas and reflect their concepts back to you in a game of "inspirational leapfrog" and offer children a happier life.

Meet our mascot...

© 2003 Day of the Child


How Does It Work?

Day of the Child is truly a "grass-roots" effort. The power of this global event is the involvement of a large number of caring people like yourself. Through this website our hope is to provide ideas about things which have worked in the past and things others are doing-- but you along with thousands of other individuals will make it happen.

Day of the Child will notify the media and other organizations about the event but it is the heartfelt requests of individuals such as you who will demand the sort of attention that abused children of the world deserve. PLEASE, take the time to become involved. Contact the radio stations in your area. Contact the rest of the media. Stage events. Hold vigils. Use the Day of the Child logo and link to this website. Print or Download our sample pledge card and use it to collect for your local child abuse agency. Find out what others are doing. Be creative. Stretch your wings - catch the vision. Come up with ideas we never would have dreamed of. And then let us know so we can pass those ideas along to help inspire others.

Why Just One Day?

Day of the Child normally represents a single day of the year. As such it permits all people to focus intently on the issue of child abuse at a particular time. For the first time, we are focusing an entire YEAR on our cause. this year has been designated as the "Year of the Survivor". We think this is an appropriate cause and are doing everything we can to support the recognition of adult SURVIVORS of child abuse. This opportunity also allows us to let current abuse victims know they are not to blame and to make them aware that help is available and how to go about getting it. It is to be used to encourage former victims to acknowledge their experiences and to seek healing. It is to be used to enable survivors to tell their stories and share the wisdom they've gained. It is to be used to encourage parents who are struggling to cope to call and get help in their local area. It is to be used to provide a means for any would-be perpetrator to recognize the humanity of the victim and, most importantly, to seek guidance as to how to stop before committing a reprehensible and irreparable act. Finally it is to be used to provide a means for any perpetrator to acknowledge, to confess, to seek treatment and most importantly to stop hurting children.

© 2021 Day of the Child