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An Anthem Saluting Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

"SURVIVOR" - The Video

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If you are a SURVIVOR of child abuse, all of the ambassadors at Day of the Child would like to reach out and honor you with this new video of the "Survivor" anthem. Or perhaps you have a friend or family member who survived child abuse. If so, please tell them about this new anthem and that we sincerely care about them and wish them true healing.

SURVIVOR (the music video)

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SURVIVOR - Download song segment in RealAudio file format

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We've been working on producing this anthem for over two years now and the video for the last six months. We're proud to finally bring it to you as another way to find victory in survivorship. This new anthem is part of Richard Klender's new CD, 'RAIN'. Richard is the songwriter/producer of the 1987 hit song, "Dear Mr. Jesus", also available on this site. Many adult-survivors have been asking him, for years, to write another anthem and this is the first song he has written about child abuse since then. Whether it affects you personally or if you can empathize with someone you know who has survived child abuse, we are confident it will bring comfort and offer you victory in survivorship. We hope you enjoy the new anthem and the related music video.

All proceeds from the sale of "Survivor" will help support our foundation, Day of the Child. Thanks for your continued support.

View the lyrics for "Survivor".

I'd like more info about Ordering this new SURVIVOR anthem (available now on the 'RAIN' CD)

Go to 'RAIN' CD page where I can listen to other song segments

SURVIVOR Music Video - Credits
We'd also like to thank Director, Martha Elcan (Hollywood, CA) for directing the music video and thank her for all she has done to bring the story of this song to the screen. Martha has worked on other movies about child abuse and also has a long of list of major productions she has worked on (i.e. Driving Miss Daisy, Steel Magnolias, Hill Street Blues and others). Her recent short "The Hit" has already garnered multiple film festival awards. We appreciate all the planning, filming and editing time she dedicated to bring this vision to fruition. Thanks Marty!

Also, thanks to Brandon Schrichten for all his talents and efforts in the editing suite in finalizing and bringing this to the web.

Special thanks to the talented actors who graciously gave of their time and talents to help tell this story (in order of appearance):
Jessica Sitomer
Alexandra Stevens
Mike Kimmel
Max Quill
Ellis Grant
Liz Quill
Vince Grant

Special thanks to the musicians:
Gregg Bissonette: Drums

Matt Bissonette: Bass
Wally Todd: Electric Guitars, slide guitar
Richard Klender: Vocal, keyboards, engineering

Dale Schrichten, Visual Impressions: Packaging & Design

We'd love to hear YOUR comments. Blessings to you in your survivorship! After 15 years we are still here caring.

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