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Your local ambassador: Teena Gordon


This Day of the Child page is designed for Nebraska (Omaha, Lincoln, etc.) residents only. Please bookmark this page as a source for updated info specifically related to local events. We will expand this as needed. Thank you in advance for your caring hearts concerning hurting children.


What is Day of the Child? On Monday, December 1, 2003 we are asking you to join us in a nationwide radio effort to help put a stop to child abuse. Please join us for this exciting day and help us recognize victims and adult survivors of child abuse.


Local 2000 RESULTS

The Year 2000 North America Simulcast for Abused Children



MORE COMING SOON (Preliminary results only)


Good Morning from a very chilly Nebraska


The Proclamation was signed for the state of Nebraska on November 3, 1999.

Hartley Chorus sang a song for the governor, first time any school chorus has

sang personally for the Governor. (And the kids, were great, they never

sounded better, not bad for 4th and 5th graders), they are still talking

about how they got to shake hands with the Governor.



Local Drs. donated 25 bears

Southeast High School Choir, are up to 85 total bears to date.

Willard Soriority of Wesleyan College has donated 80 bears

friends and family 50 bears

November 11th Skating party, 42 bears

November 17th, Fun night at Hartley school, bring a bear and receive a

spaghetti dinner, or hot dog and chips

Doane College in Crete (Evamarie's College) will be sitting up

barrals, for donations of "Huggies" (estimates of around 80 bears)

Famous Amos Andy Cookie, man stopped in Lincoln and visited the

elementary schools on Friday, and donated 100.00 for the cause(plus a case

of cookies)(Hey we have to have something to keep our energy level up


From the Hugs and Kisses organization, we have a commitment of 100 bears(this morning she called back and asked if we could use 150 instead) Of course I Said YES

At the Nebraska Kansas Football Game on Saturday the Marines were taking

donations - could give us somewhere between 50-75 bears.

so for the grand total so far we have 587 bears (with 15 days to go), plus money donations to buy more bears with. not bad, considering my original goal was 250 bears.

Teena, Ambassador Nebraska



The '99 Worldwide Simulcast for Abused Children

What is Day of the Child? On December 1st we are asking you to join us in a worldwide radio effort to raise awareness about the ever-growing issue of child abuse. We in Nebraska will be doing our part. Please become involved and join us on this exciting day.

My name is Teena Gordon. I am the Day of the Child coordinator and your contact for the greater Nebraska area. This page is here to help you stay current on what is going on locally to help abused children.

  • Scheduled Events & Promotions
  • November 3: Proclamation signing for the State of Nebraska, at the Governors Hearing room in the State Capitol at 10:30 am Room 2316
  • November 11th, 6:00 to 9:00 PM - Operation Bear Hug Skate a thon.....bring a bear and skate for the children
  • If you would like to donate bears, new or used (in good condition) please contact me or Barb Peterson at Hartley Elementary School, 33rd and Vine Street, 436-1139.
  • We will be accepting Donations until Nov 25th....


  • Morning Simulcast - Email your local radio stations and request that they join in the worldwide simulcast of the child abuse anthem "Dear Mr. Jesus".
  • Thanks to a very good friend of mine in the public school system, "EVERY" single school in the district will be under "Operation Bear Hug" . Every single school will be sending out flyers to all homes and families, explaining our mission, this is totally awesome. we have almost 45 schools, in Lincoln. This is totally incredible.....
  • The University of Nebraska Police Department, will be doing a drive for "Operation Bear Hugs".
  • I have received confirmation from 6 soriorities and 5 fraternities, who will also be collecting bears, for this great event.
  • The UNL Athletic Department (Home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers) will be doing something during one of their games, not for sure which game, but they will be collecting bears for us....
  • The Rotary Club of Nebraska (Lincoln Omaha area) will be donating a check for $250.00 to the Hartley PTA to purchase teddy bears. Way to go Rotary.

    Here are some other general ways you can help in your local area.


  • Wear a mint green ribbon prior to and on Wednesday, Dec. 1st, and when someone asks you what it's for, please tell them about this great cause
  • Volunteer to be a contact for the local agencies.
  • Drive with your headlights on during Wednesday, Dec.1st, to show awareness
  • Arrange for a candlelight vigil to be held in front of city hall, etc.
  • Contact the Schools, PTA, teachers and ask them to offer some volunteer time
  • Contact organizational groups (e.g. retirement developments, church groups) who might wish to volunteer some time setting up a table somewhere to pass out flyers and speak about this upcoming event
  • Contact the Local Cable TV stations and ask for their help with public service spots
  • Ask local stores to promote this day with a flyer in their front window
  • Ask local realtors if they can help with the distribution of flyers
  • Ask a group of friends to help you with any of the above ideas or seek new ones (please let your local ambassador know of any new ones to post to this list)
  • Since this is not a financial seeking event, we are not promoting it as such; however, individuals have stated that they would really like to do more than just volunteer for the above, so below are some ideas:
  • Teddy bears are an excellent hugging source for local children - ask the local radio stations to make Public Service Announcements seeking teddy bears and arrange for Pick-up and Drop-off sites. Make arrangements for these teddy bears to be delivered to the children's hospital, home, etc. of your choice on December 1st

    Current Needs

    We need some local volunteers. Please email me if you are interested.

    High School & College Students: - Show your spirit! - Sign The Wall (click button at left) and help a child.



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