An amazing experience brought by Fly carpet 9D VR simulator

Fly carpet 9D VR simulator

In recent years, those massive shopping malls or supermarket are eager to hiring the VR equipment to provide a recreation way for visitors. Generally, all the VR equipment are aimed to turn a movie or a game to a more interactive one, from which players can gain an almost real feeling. Also, different VR simulators always have various kinds of sizes and shapes that are suitable for different themed place. Fly carpet VR simulator is one of these VR simulators that can used to create an amazing scene.

Fly Carpet VR Simulator


Fly carpet VR simulator is a combination of two tile-shape cockpit built over a dynamic platform. The cockpit has employed 3DOF technology to make a more real feeling. In addition to its main structure, it was also equipped with a pair of VR glasses that is the main part to create a virtual world. At the early stage, it can just run three kinds of games. After a round of updating, it now can run 20 pieces of games that can provide more fruitful experiences.


  • Movies: You can use this equipment to build a mobile movie theater where you can gain a strong sense of reality. The powerful 3D visual effect and stereo will make you feel that those characters are just walking around you. You will get a much stronger feeling especially when you are watching action movie of future themes.
  • Games: The more motion involved in the game, you will gain more exciting moments while you are playing. In those indoor adventure parks, the most exciting activities will be the roller coaster where you can always hear people screaming and shouting loudly. With fly carpet VR simulator, you won’t miss out every single exciting moment you can experience in a real roller coaster trip. Following the roller coaster, skiing is also largely welcomed by visitors around the world. With the cooperation of dynamic platform and 3DOF cockpit, you will feel every small motion you can experience during a real skiing. When it starts, you will automatically move you legs as you are doing a skiing. That is not enough, while you are busy on picking a smoother way for your skiing, you can still hear wind whizzing aside you.

I have experienced a roller coaster trip with fly carpet 9D VR simulator once. But I took off 3D glasses immediately before the rider slide down a nearly straight rail. To be honest, it will truly make you feel you are just in a real park playing a real roller coaster. In addition to the roller coaster, the fly carpet can also run with many other kinds of exciting games. If you want to add experience more, just to get such a VR simulator to your site.

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