Crazy fans love Garlando G-500 Butcher Block Foosball Table

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Foosball or table football, table soccer have been very popular in the indoor playground of North America, which is a table-top game based on football. While you are engaging in this game, you have to make use of the control knob to keep the ball moving until it gets into the opponent’s goal. During its moving, you have to take control of your strength and seek a proper chance to give a hit. Sometimes, those advanced players can get a successful shoot within a few minutes because of their superb skills and abundant experiences. Actually, this table football game is more welcomed by those little football lovers because they can get to know some basic rules of football, which is helpful for a real football match. The Garlando G-500 BUTCHER Block Foosball table is a new kind of table football machine that can give you something more than football.   

What is Garlando G-500 Butcher Block Foosball Table?

The Garlando G-500 Butcher Block Foosball Table consists of a cabinet and four supporting legs that is made of iron steel. The cabinet lying horizontally above the four legs, which is made of wood. Inside the wooden cabinet, there are knobs used for move the ball that can be divided into two factions. At the bottom of the cabinet, there is a tempered glass working as a playfield where the football can roll to any corner under your control. With a classical looking, the G-500 combines very stable construction with elegant styling. It can stand very steadily under a fierce rocking by the excited players. Since the G-500 has a perfect mix of assets, along with high-quality components, it receives a large welcome in the market after its first appearance. Also. The G-500 was honored the best table in its category on the United Kingdom and was fast accepted by top players.

What does the G-500 features?

  • Commercial-Grade Aluminum Trim: On each side of the cabinet, we have used aluminum to cover it. The edge is well trim so that it will be very safe and smooth.
  • Adjustable table levelers: There are four levelers under the cabinet function as supporting parts. The levelers are adjustable so that this table will be suitable for players in different height. They can all find a comfortable position to manipulate the knob to win the game.
  • One or three goalie options: The difficulty level is adjustable by changing the number of goalies to one or three. This will be different from the actual football game and will also provide you more fun than the ordinary football.
  • Manual abacus scoring: Adapting the manual abacus is to give the player a more powerful encouragement. While the round winner is changing the score by himself, he can feel the success more consciously. This feeling is really awesome that makes every player addicted to this table football game.

Football has been a very popular sports game in western countries. During every World Cup, you will find hundreds of thousands of football fans gather together from every corner on the earth. While traveling in the park, our Garlando G-500 Butcher Block Foosball Table can also cause a small thunderstorm.

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