How to set up sharing arcade game machines

How to set up sharing arcade game machines

Sharing arcade games are familiar to us, arcade game is an international product in an indoor playground, it is not suitable for family to play, because to adapt to the popularization, we developed a small three kingdoms game arcade machine, people can play it at home, at the bar or any place, different from the previous old coin fighting machine, we are sharing arcade fighting machine, people do not need to pay, they only need electricity. Small size and portability are the biggest advantages of Sharing arcade games machines. What are the problems that businesses need to consider when launching a sharing arcade games machines?

1. What is the market prospect of sharing an arcade?

For the question of the market prospect, you must have some idea, the market of sharing arcade is not large, only a few people are doing this, their purpose is to seize the market, thus, the sharing arcade market is still very optimistic. Then businessmen will think, how to put it, in fact, the way of putting it is very simple, first of all, we have investigated the market, to investigate the surrounding places where the flow of young men is large, second, in fact, to be clear, it is placed in some shopping malls, cinemas, cafes and other places where the flow of people stays for a long time.

2. After the merchants put the sharing arcade games machine, how to divide the accounts with the merchants?

This issue is what all businesses want to know first, our manufacturer is considering such factors, so I solved this problem for businesses, merchants can enter the backstage, and set, the program will ledger account every day, that is, the checkout system will automatically set you good into stores to the store that cooperates with you, you can connect us if you want to know more.

3. How to set the charging mode of sharing arcade?

We can enter the background of the system to set the charging mode of sharing arcade, which can be set as free, or 2 yuan once, 3 yuan once and 4 yuan twice according to your local specific consumption level.

4. Merchants want to attract fans by sharing arcade machines but how to operate?

Merchants to share the arcade to attract people, this operation can be achieved, as long as you binding your own WeChat to public number, you can share the arcade to attract them.

5. If one of the two players leaves the game and wants to continue the game, can he go directly to the previous game?

This depends on the situation, each game has an exit schedule if the time is not up, the player who goes back into the game is able to continue the previous game if the time is up, then they need to open a new game. The time can also be set in the background.

Wish you a prosperous business and everything will go as you wish, if you want to occupy the market as soon as possible, please connect us.

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