Racing Against the Clock and Attempt Your Best Time in Ninja Course

Ninja Course

Ninja course is actually an evolved type of obstacle course, which is originally used to train new recruits. After being used in training, those indoor commercial recreation park begin to use it to provide fun for their customers. When obstacle courses begin to work in those parks, it put on a new name of ninja course. Although ninja course is a new version of obstacle course, it still keeps many features that can be seen in ordinary obstacle course. While joining in ninja course, the player will develop their gross motor skills during this challenging course. Also, they will be able to get some workouts and fun while they are challenging themselves in this interactive play.

What is ninja course?

As the father-version of ninja course, obstacle course is a series of challenging physical obstacles that requires an individual to navigate within limited time. Usually, the participator will need to do running, climbing, crawling, jumping, swimming, and other physical movements. Through this process, the player will develop endurance and agility that requires most in accomplishing all those missions. In some obstacle courses, there will be even mental tests that you have to past while being timed. Actually, the obstacle course can be seen most in training new recruits in army. There will be puddles of muddy water, nets, ropes, and other obstacles that requires those new recruits to navigate. When it moves into commercial indoor parks, it puts on some changes. The obstacles in ninja course are all wrapped up with soft foam material so that the obstacles will fell very soft and won’t pose any threat to the player. Besides this, for each stage, there will be protective floor that can reduce harm from falling. For example, there is a huge inflatable pad under the bounce bridge, which can provide enough cushion to avoid injury in case of falling.

What you need to clear in the ninja course?

Usually, the ninja course will ask for a minimum of 7 years old for every player because it requires enough physical strength during the play. Before starting the course challenging, participants need to go through a brief safety orientation that will help them to know some basic safety rules. Then, the game officially starts and participants will begin to challenge their physical strength and their skills as well. Waiting on their way will be bouncing bridge, hanging rings, hanging beams, hanging U-pipes, and nets.  Usually, the hanging rings is combined with nets that require the challenger to crawl through. At the end of each line, there will be a timer buttons that you are supposed to press it down when you reach there. In this way, those ninja adventurers will be able to see their used times on an electrical scoring board.

Actually, ninja course is a type of integrated indoor play that test many fundamental skills of every player. From racing across balance beams to swinging on monkey bars, ninja course has various kinds of obstacles for every ability. Once you accept the challenge, you should try to test yourself against the clock and attempt your best time.

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