The history of arcade game machine

The history of arcade game machine

For those born after 2000, arcades may not mean much to you, but for old people like me, this is where today’s best video games are born. At that time, you would see children running to the indoor playground, asking their parents for a pile of coins to play with strangers or friends. Today, arcade games is mainly composed of confrontation and competition game, claw game, or tickets to the game, so it’s a very different scenarios, you can see different types of games like eat beans, old school Galaga, crazy climber, donkey kong, punch, and many other old game, as well as some new as early as 90 at the end of the year as metal slug, captain to water strider (Hiryu).

1. Arcade is just a coin-operated machine program with games.

Once the right coin is in the slot, the machine lets you play the game accordingly. It’s that simple, and that’s why it’s so easy for a lot of people to understand the concept of arcade games and love it. Arcade games began in the late 1930s with the first coin-operated pinball machines. Over time, games got better and better, and by the late 1960s arcade games began to get more and more interesting.

A good example of that was in a light gun shooter where you take a plastic gun and you point it at the screen and you shoot whatever that is on the screen. Duck hunting was one of the most popular games of the time, and it revolutionized shooting games as we know them today, much like the famous time crisis game. Racing games also appeared around this time. Grand Prix, which was the first man racing game to appear in 1969 and began the racing game revolution with the arcade. Then the developers thought if they could make a game with a steering wheel, why not make a game with airplane control? So they did, and with the variety of arcade games now available, arcade games began to become a huge and lucrative market.

2.The turning point

In the 1970s, the market got better and everyone, even children, could play games like space invaders and Pac-man. Arcade machines are so popular that many food chains are adding coin-operated machines to their restaurants, such as Chuck e. Cheese’s, Dave and Busters.

With 80 years of better technology being discovered, with different ways of playing games getting better, the most common are motion-control games where you can play motorcycle racing games and plastic motorcycles. Although we’ve seen better ways to play, the arcade scene is slowly disappearing as people start to lose interest in arcade games.

Due to the success of street fighter and its competitive fighting game, many popular games such as mortal combat, the king of fighters, virtual warrior, killer instinct and so on began to emerge. Not only that, because of the sudden rise in the arcade gaming interest, we were re-introduced to driving games like Ridge Racer and Daytona USA, as well as gun games like Time Crisis and Virtua Cop. However, in the mid-1990s, the scene gradually lost interest because many games on arcades were slowly ported to home consoles, which gained popularity because it was a cheaper, more expensive game than playing games. Easy gameplay. Nearby arcades or food chains and places to fall. The decline of arcade games is so great that many arcade stores have closed down, and arcade cabinets have been almost completely demolished in many places except malls.

Do you still play arcade games or is the console market now so good that we can just leave the arcade scene to die a slow death? In any case, many arcade games have been ported to a lot of different consoles and means, including the internet, where you can play many browser-based arcade games. If you want to buy children’s arcade game machines, you can click here.

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